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Q1: Ciphering and Deciphering text like Encryption and Decryption of a string with given key value pairs. Q2: Requirements were very unclear. Q3: Create a game with 10X10 block loke battleship with 2 player functionality.

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Q1: Created a class with 2 array key and values and a hashtable implementing it. If key is this value is this, its simple but you need to take input from user and do both ciphering and deciphering. Until you get familiar with the environment and and ways to compile, half the time is passed, so good luck. Q2: did not answer as it was optional (Do any 1 from 3) Q3: did not answer as well as it was optional (Do any 1 from 3) but i think you will have to use applets and stuff to do this. Practice all the question before you go to he interview, Good Luck !!

1st interview: What class was your lowest mark? 2nd interview: Design a battleship game in Java 3rd interview: Everything

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Build a battleship program in java.

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How does java garbage collection work, and how is java garbage collection itself freed from memory.