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Basic introduction question in HR screening. and failing grade problem in coding test. that move all the failing grades from the array to end. Nothing much

First 30min technical: given a list of grade move failing grades to the end of the list. 3hr technical: - Given a list of blocks with (x,y) coordinates determine if they are stacked correctly to make a tower. - Given a list of assignments and the amount of time taken to complete each assignment. What is the shortest time it would take to mark all assignments. - Shown a website screen and asked to talk about anything. You can focus on what you know...UI, backend, how the data should be stored?

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Closest two points in a 2D plane.

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Are you comfortable with this framework/tool XYZ?

Your recent projects and what you have done in school?

Tell me about past experience, code reviews, leetcode easy-medium

API Calls and OOP Design

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