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How to multiply a number by 7 without using + and * operators?

3 Answers

use bit shifting.


do the left.bit shift operation by 3 and then subtract the result by original number . eg: n=1 ,then n=n<<3 -n gives 7 , if n=2 ,then gives 14

Using a language of your preference, write a method that returns the most common character in a string.

2 Answers

Technical questions (They said there is no technical interviews)

2 Answers

Why you want to be a QA engineer?

1 Answer

1) What is your biggest weakrness

1 Answer

Q1: Ciphering and Deciphering text like Encryption and Decryption of a string with given key value pairs. Q2: Requirements were very unclear. Q3: Create a game with 10X10 block loke battleship with 2 player functionality.

1 Answer

Write a function debounce(fn, timeout) which accepts a function and timeout as inputs and returns a function which will on allow fn to run after timeout ms.

1 Answer

Create the class SnapshottableArray, which is a normal array except it has the ability to take a snapshot in time of the current values of the array, giving a handle/id. It has the class signature below. Focus on reducing space at the cost of time complexity. Fill in the function bodies to complete the class. (I wrote the class with types to make it clear what everything does, but the code should be in JS.) class SnapshottableArray{ SnapshottableArray(int size); // create new snapshottable array with size void set(int index, int value); // set's array at index to value int get(int index); // return the array at index's value int takeSnapshot(); // take a snapshot and return the handle/id of it int getSnapshotValue(int id, int index); // return the array at index's value for the given snapshot, represented by id }

1 Answer

Using JS Browser DOM API available functions, write "getElementsByClassName(className)" which accepts a string className and returns a list of HTML Elements which have the required className.

1 Answer

Behavioural questions, communication skills, technical skills

2 Answers

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