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Dot Net Programmer was asked...December 30, 2017

1) Write few sql queries that includes all conditions,clauses etc (Given a white paper) 2) Explain .Net Architecture (i.e CLR,CTS etc..) 3) What is GAC? 4) What is the functionality of CAS which is a part of CLR? Have you implemented in your project and how? 5)A logical question ( In an election , 20% are invalid votes , winner got 55% votes , loser got 25% votes. So, how many votes did the winner got if the total votes are 10000) 6)How do you delete duplicate records in an sql table? 7)Difference between having clause and where in SQL.

3 Answers

Q)A logical question ( In an election , 20% are invalid votes , winner got 55% votes , loser got 25% votes. So, how many votes did the winner got if the total votes are 10000) A) the winner got 5500 votes B) Invalid votes 2000 C) opposition party got 2500 votes Less

total no. of votes= 10000 (A)winners votes 55% (B)Loser votes 25% (C)invalid vote 20% A= 55 % of 80% of total votes -> (55/100)*(80/100)*10000 -> (55)*(80) -> 4400 Less

Total valid votes are: 10000 We know that 20% votes are invalid So,80% votes are..10000 The winner gets 55% votes So..80%=10000 55%=? I.e...(10000*55)/80 We get...6875 votes are winning votes Less


What do you think of mass school shootings? What do you think of gun control?

2 Answers

Really felt put on the spot and really should have said "no comment"!

That's a completely inappropriate question, and a land mind one at that. Absolutely no comment. What relevance could that possibly have on a job performance assessment, is beyond me. Less


What is the viewport

2 Answers

Server has nothing to do with the viewport meta tag. It is entirely client side.

The viewport is a meta tag used to let the server know the display size

TIP Canada

What is inheritance.

2 Answers

Inheritance is where a subclass receives the properties of a superclass. Basically any public or protected class members (methods, data members, etc) from a parent class are passed down to the child class. Less



There were behavioral, technical and leadership related questions

1 Answers

Provided them specific instances of my experience related to technology and leadership skills Less


Dealing with the "previous salary" question is always something I don't appreciate, for its awkwardness all around. Knowing that your answer will provide base for what they will offer to pay you, rather than allowing the base to form from what they believe the position is worth.

1 Answers

I provided the interviewer with a direct and honest answer.

Golden Soft

Diseñar un algoritmo que transforme de números a palabras. Ej: 134 a ciento treinta y 4

1 Answers

Realice un diagrama en el que introducía cada número por separado en un array y en función de si posición en la lista y su potencia en base 10 sabía si se trataba de unidad, decena, centena, etc. A partir de ahí un switch y concatenar Less

Growel Softech

Basic OOPS

1 Answers

Explained all oops concepts with examples

HSE Integrated

They asked about my background

1 Answers

They have given me a Database and Programming test.

Logistic Dynamics, Inc

What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

1 Answers

They were trying gauge whether you wanted to be a team leader or a programmer by your Senior acknowledgement. Be truthful. Less

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