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You are trying to see a head of department and they simply ignore your emails and phone calls, how do you go about this?

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I would try to reach out to other physicians in the department and better understand the situation (personal emergency and so on). I will utilize my connections with other staff physician to get in touch with the director. If the matter is urgent and for example we need their signature on an application to be sent out, I will show up at their office or clinic and ask the reception for an urgent short meeting.

I was asked what my personal brand would be coming into the role.

Why do you want to be an MSL? Describe a time when you went above and beyond in your work? Describe how you work in a team? What is your scientific/medical vision for this drug?

As an MSL, how would you tailor your presentation knowing who the audience was.

What is your experience with biologics and how can you contribute to the field

Why I wanted to work at Teva? They are known for their generic side, and not really from their research-based side

Describe a time when you worked with HCP and disseminated medical information

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