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Rochester Hearing and Speech Center
Medical Administrator was asked...October 25, 2017

Where do you see yourself in 5 years (one of my least favorite questions)

1 Answers

I said: "if you want to make God laugh, telling your plans". (probably not what the director wanted to hear) Less


About my management experience in the civilian and military worlds.

1 Answers

Explained everything from the fire department and pre-hospital leadership to my military time. I have twenty years in so many medical environments there was plenty to tell him but he honestly seemed so desperate to get someone into the role that he didn't really listen to my answers. Less

Harris County Sheriff's Office

How will you address CQI

1 Answers

Quality Improvement may be in place. I will review the existing CQI and determine if changes are appropriate. Less

Southern Health Partners

Allowed me to ask questions and was asked about monetary starting pay.

1 Answers

Stated the amount I was currently making on my present job. I also stated that I was flexible with the pay due to my interest in a administrator position. Less

Winston Retail

What is an accomplishment you are proud of.

1 Answers

I’ve been married to my wife for 47 years and have raised 2 wonderful kids.


Have you ever gone above and beyond your duty and if so give an example.

1 Answers

I related this to a requirement by a patient whose health would have been at risk if I did not stay late, and how I was rewarded by the company. Less


Give an example where you have had to change a process.

1 Answers

I gave them an example from my last role where a process regarding a cancer drug was log winded and irrelevant information repeated. How the process had changed form approx 2 weeks to 2/3 d ays. Less

LMC Healthcare

Salary expectations, what would my bottom-line salary be?

1 Answers

Seems they care more about the salary than the work experience a potential candidate could bring to the equation. No salary range was listed on the job posting. Less

Kaiser Permanente

How would you evaluate aspects of the role of AMGA if hired

1 Answers

Team dynamics Union status Financial budgets

Canadian Cannabis Clinics

I honestly can't recall, it was bizarre questions.

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