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Intel Corporation
Supply Chain MBA was asked...February 17, 2015

The interviews were mainly behavioral with several supply chain technical questions. One that I remember was "How do you deal with financial risk when considering a new supplier?" The interviews are very standard with a list of questions for each interviewer to ask the candidates.


1. Walk me thru your resume 2. Why Cummins 3. When was the time you had to deliver some bad news and how did you convey it. 4. What are you the challanges you faced while working on teams


Tell us about a time you helped your peers

Bank of America

The final interview session was very short - three interviews, each lasting less than 30 minutes. The questions were incredibly easy behavioral types. In my opinion, the more important things were probably the dinner the night before and interactions with other candidates and/or hires from last year. You should consider everyone you talk with to be sizing you up.

JLG Industries

None of the behavioral questions were difficult, STAR format responses. The closing question was "What is your Favorite Book"

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