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what were your biggest challenges in dealing with your customer?

What particularly was appealed to you about this position?

- What is your experience with Pardot? - How do you create campaigns that cut through the noise? - Explain a successful campaign you have executed?

What project did you enjoy working on the most in your last job?

What do you think this company needs to do to succeed?

There were a couple of on-the-fly questions about how I would execute some specific initiatives - no time for prep but the tone was conversational so the stress level was not excessive.

What do you know about uberflip? Who are our competitors? How do you see the Marketing Automation platform providers size up against one another.

How does the company position itself in the market?

What is your opinion about Black Lives Matter? How would you respond if you had someone on your team who had an opinion about Black Lives Matter? Literally zero questions were asked about Marketing