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First thing I want to know is how old you are.

3 Answers

I am sorry but I am not really comfortable answering that...

My old is 25

i am 30 year old

how many golf balls are in a school bus?

2 Answers

Explain how you dealt with a situation where you were the victim of/witness of unethical or inappropriate conduct.

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Are you offended by hardcore gay porn?

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How do you feel about dogs?

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The CEO asked if I understood that this was a full-time job. He was rather condescending implying that since I have had my own business, I would find it hard to adjust to working for someone else. It was not a question, it was a statement with an assumption built into it.

1 Answer

The CEO asked why I used certain graphics and images and asked why I would use certain statements/phrases — while implying that the statements that I used were not that original.

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What is your SEO experience?

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What was your best achievement as a marketer for a tech company?

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