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Manufacture Operator was asked...April 14, 2015

How do you deal with working with different ethnic races? Explain a good experience? Explain a bad experience and what you learn from that experience

1 Answers

I get that question often. I work and have worked with different ethnic groups all my adult life. The way I look at is, everyone here at this company is here to do a job as long as we can communicate there should be no problem, If I have problems understanding what he/she is explaining I get them to repeat often I have them show me what they were trying to explain. The key is not to rush and on both ends have patience. A good experience. I often get someone from a different race/language to teach me how to say Good Morning, Thank you, How are you and Good Night and practice them every day with them, I find when I do this people warm up to me and it makes a good working environment. The only bad experience I can think of I once was placed temporary with a group of people where I was the only non speaking Mandarin person, Every Morning the 'Lead hand ' would have a meeting to explain what had to be worked on that day and who would do what. The first day the meeting was explained all in Mandarin once all was said and questions were answered, everyone but myself and the lead hand went back to there bench and started working. I asked the lead hand to explain to me in English what he just said and what were the questions and answers that had arise. He rolled his eyes and hastily told me what I should be working on that day, in English. He did not mention what the questions or the answers were. This set up happened for a few more days. The explaining in Mandarin and me getting a shorter version in English. I finally went to the shift supervisor and asked if you could ask the lead hand to talk in both Mandarin and English during the meetings as I felt I was missing key points in the daily discussions. I don't know if going to the shift supervisor so soon was a good idea as this led to bad feelings towards me and it took several weeks to difuse the tention.I think I should have continue to ask and get explanations from a) the lead hand or b) a peer Less

Piramal Enterprises

What do you do if you make a mistake while working?

1 Answers

I stop what I am doing and inform my supervisor


How we know you would not leave for another job in some months?

1 Answers

Thats like me asking how do i know you won't let me go in some months when work is caught up Less

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Are you available to work overtime?

1 Answers

They run four 12-hour shifts, Mon-Wed days, ... nights, Thu-Sat days, ... nights. OT is required, at least when I interviewed. They were rotating every other Sunday (M-W one Sunday, Th-Sa the next Sunday). I agreed that it was okay for me, They didn't say that anymore than that would be required, but it was available. Less


Tell me about your work history

1 Answers

tell em' what I did

NXP Semiconductors

Asked about what hours I want to work

1 Answers

Wanted to work day shift


What are the 3 most important things in a warehouse environment?

1 Answers

Teamwork, Safety, Productivity

Microchip Technology

Do you have an experience with chemicals? Did you see a co-worker do anything wrong, and what did you do about it?

1 Answers

I thought I had the job when I left.


What would you do if your supervisor told you to do something you knew was not safe and you knew it was against safety regulations?

1 Answers

I would not risk my safety.

NuSil Technology

Why do you want to work here.

1 Answers

I honestly don't remember.

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