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Manufacturing development iii Interview Questions


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Tell me about yourself

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I am a forward-thinking chemical engineering student with experience in manufacturing and industrial environments, from which I gained real-world exposure that helped lay my foundation in engineering. I am a detail-oriented team player, looking to apply my critical thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills in a position at Coca -Cola.

Name Muhammad tahir Age 43 works in Colgate-Palmolive pakistan Education BA experience 10 years driver +SELSMEN LMT+WHOLE SELS MARKET

Name Muhammad tahir Age 43 Education BA experience 10 Years driver +SELSMEN Lmt+wholesale In Colgate-Palmolive pakistan

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Why did you apply to work at Coca-Cola?

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Why should we hire you?

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Why do you want to work in manufacturing?

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How would your last employer describe you?

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What is your favorite course in school and why?

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How would you define success?

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What would you say is your best quality?

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What do you think you need to personally work on? AKA what is your weakness?

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Are you a team player? Give an example of a team you have worked on and on that team, were there any conflicts and how did you resolve them?

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