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In an interview for a machine operator job, you will be asked about the experience you gained during your apprenticeship; your knowledge of how to operate various machines and adhere to their safety requirements; and your ability to perform tasks that require intense focus for long stretches of time. You may be asked technical questions that will depend on the machine or machines you will operate on the job. Machine operators must have completed apprenticeship programmes and received certification to operate the required machinery.

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Top Machine Operator Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top machine operator interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: Which machines have you worked with in the past?

How to answer: Discuss your work history. Although the quantity of machines you have experience with may impress the interviewer, the quality of your experience is also important. To display mastery, make sure you speak in detail about a few. Consider sharing a challenge you faced with a particular machine and how you overcame it to demonstrate your problem-solving skills.

Question No. 2: How do you perform a quality check?

How to answer: Discuss in detail how you performed routine quality checks on machines in past roles. This provides you with a chance to demonstrate your degree of familiarity with past machines so that the interviewers can feel confident that you will treat their machines with the same care and attention to detail. Machine operators are responsible for handling dangerous equipment, so a successful answer would also emphasise the importance of safety.

Question No. 3: How do you store information in logs?

How to answer: Although you may have discussed your experience of operating complex machinery, interviewers will also want to know that you are organised and thorough. Describe how you have kept logs in the past, highlighting specific information you include in each report, including dates, model numbers and serial numbers. This not only shows that you are meticulous, but also that you value the equipment and do your part to prevent expensive repairs.

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The Clorox Company
Machine Operator was asked...April 8, 2019

Why do you want to work for Clorox?

9 Answers

Give life better

Company group up

Make friends with teams working

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how many years experience

6 Answers

i have 14y experince in ksa .i can speak engish arabic


9 years experience on golf bus driver

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Advanced Semiconductor Engineering

Do you know that working in ASE is different from your entire job experienced?

4 Answers

Yes Sir, i'm aware of that. But don't worry i am a fast learner and can adopt into new things easily. Less

yes, i learn fast because i use my brain every single step from start to finish and i can prove that. Less

i'm aware sir/ ma'am that is why i want to apply for the new worker in ASE to learn and improve my skill being machine operator here in taiwan Less

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do you have experience with machinery

4 Answers



I have experience and I learn quick

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Craftsman Automation

Will you work for 12 Hours ? continous shift ? will you relocate ?

4 Answers

say yes for all .

Yes sir

Yes sir

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Samson Rope Technologies

Where I worked before?

4 Answers

Grocery stor

Owner /operations

Well test

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What type of experience do you have?

3 Answers

More that 2 year

I was worked in my home long time ago en sewing I was made dress of women and I was worked to in the company zona franca in Managua Nicaragua 9 months and I was worked in the recycle company in Burlington Edterra one year and was worked in the company durabon in cleaner apartment for one year too Less

More of 2 years


You ok with working outsid Kik

3 Answers

Yes it’s part of the job



Highbury Canco

Are you eligible for working in Canada ?

3 Answers

Yes, I am eligible to work in Canada.



Metals USA

Have you ever worked in the steel business before?

3 Answers


No, I haven't, but I'mm always willing to take on new challenges.

Yes , and currently working on steel aluminum, and stainless steel! Plasma cutter machine operator. Nest program , 2yrs strong I need work Less

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