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Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa
Licensed Massage Therapist was asked...January 9, 2013

None. Very straigh forward. They are just looking to fill a position and their standards aren't very high.

3 Answers

This place is a disgrace to the industry. Therapist should not support a place that devalues their craft by paying so little. Their management knows nothing about massage and the business is run to make a lot of money off of your back. Know your worth and skip this interview. Find a job that respects all the hard work you do and your accomplishments in the field. Less

I've previously worked for this company in NJ and their managers are completely oblivious to how and what Massage Therapist's go through and all we must endure both mentally and physically Less

Same thing in Virginia. Customer pays $60, you get $15. Non-member customer pays $90, you get...$15. Zero action is taken to protect therapists from predatory clients, they simply move them around to keep the money coming in. Another fun thing was having broken or missing hot stone units yet you’d be asked to “just grab one from another room.” Nothing like sloshing around 25 pounds of metal filled with 140 degree water during the 3 minutes you have between clients. Less

Massage Envy

How many massages can you do in a row?

3 Answers

I do not have any experience in this Field

I can to do 9 massage

I said that I would have to see.

Massage Envy

1.Tell me a bit about yourself. 2. I know you have a license to practice massage, but where did you get your certificaitons? 3. How would you upsell a client and convince them to sign a membership and to buy product all in 50 minutes?

2 Answers

1. Told my work history. 2. Told them certifications are not neccessary-that is what the license is. The license replaces certifications. 3. Be upfront with the client about if and what they need. Less

Not all schools are the same. Even within the same state differences in hours, modalities, and quality exist between schools. That is the difference between where you got you certifications (that which allowed you to receive your license aka the school you graduated from) and your state license. Less


My favorite types of massages

2 Answers

Swedish p

Deep tissue

Be Relax

Can you get your lisence?

2 Answers

Yes, just need to take the test

Yes, I am able to obtain my license (not lisence). I am scheduled to take the test and I am fully confident that I will pass with flying colors. Less

Massage Envy

"How would you handle a client who complains about their last massage experince?"

2 Answers

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I am so sorry your last experience was not what you were expecting. Can I suggest you try ____ (different therapist); he/she has been with us for a long time and is in high demand because of their exceptional technique and skill. If still some resistance, offer a complimentary add on (aroma, deep tissue, foot scrub). Less

Asks specifically what they were unhappy with and suggest another therapist that can and will meet their needs and concerns Less

Massage Green Spa

What modalities did ! specialize in?

1 Answers

Swedish, Deep tissue, sports massage, trigger point therapy and so on.

Do you use IASTM or cupping in your treatments?

1 Answers

Yes, I am trained on all modalities and can perform them proficiently, however, I prefer my hands. Less

Body Techniques

What modalities I offered.

1 Answers

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Prenatal, Sports

Will you be bringing with you an established clientele?

2 Answers

No, I have only worked in this area for a short time and thus have not established a clientele yet. Less

No established clientele

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