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US Department of Veterans Affairs
Licensed Professional Mental Health Counselor was asked...August 11, 2019

What type of clinical experience do you have in relation to this position.

2 Answers

I provided examples of times I have performed duties.

multiple professional tasks through clinical work, program development and with the opportunity to grow. I am always open to and encouraged to voice ideas to build, develop and expand services offered. I have been able to grow in the therapy area of my passion as well as explore new areas for growth. Less

Lionrock Recovery

To lead the group as if it was real.

1 Answers

I did what was requested of me.


How quickly can you help a middle aged female with depression?

1 Answers

There are so many factors to answering this question. Prior depression, trauma history, family dynamics, any previous diagnoses. (It just seemed to disconnected from real therapy.) Less

Lionrock Recovery

To be non-formal and relaxed during interview.

1 Answers

I did what was requested of me.

Avita Community Partners

What are your strengths as a a counselor


How comfortable are you working with couples?

LifeStance Health

Are there any types of clients you would prefer not to work with?

John R. Day and Associates

What would you do if you have a belligerent client who starts to yell at you?

Georgia Southern University

Why do you want to work at the Counseling Center?

Phoenix Rising Behavioral Healthcare and Recovery

The thing that impressed me the most is the fact that I was asked questions about diagnosing and clinical techniques. I was asked to explain how to differentiate between two diagnosis that have similar symptoms. I have worked in several other mental health settings in two different states and this was the first time that I have been asked clinical questions in an interview. (It would make sense that clinical knowledge would be assessed at an interview for a therapist position, but this has not been my experience.)

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