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Lead Web Developer was asked...February 22, 2015

So how do you implement workflow?

3 Answers

Me: So to implement workflow, you need to actually map out the "work flow" ... NO. NO. NO. How do you implement it? Me: Well, you do realize that you have to map out the workflow, right? Have you used the WorkFlow Designer? It leverages Microsoft Visio to map out the "work flow" as a diagram.... Yes, I know that but how do you make it work? Me: Well, once you map the "work flow" then you save it and you have to code C# fragments that you attach to each node in the diagram that performs a specific action. So the actual diagram is key to the workflow implementation, because the rest is just C# fragments.... Ok. ok. ok. Next question. It turns out that he is a Java guy, like 75% of Silicon Valley and as soon as you say C# they "tune out" and do not want to hear more. Less

The point was to highlight the lack of diversity and how unwelcome I felt after being asked to come in for an interview, but if you must know. I include India when I say asian, but maybe some prefer differentiating asian, south asian, etc. Just gets silly. Anyway, interviewer #1 was probably Chinese female from the name. Interviewer #2 was Indian male. Interviewer #2 was definitely Chinese male. As for the people I saw in the cubicles, they were all Indian males from the people I saw conferencing together in cubicles, and the other 2 people interviewing were Indian females. Explicit enough detail for you? I really enjoy walking around the Google campus. VMware is also another GREAT campus. So much diversity in terms of age, race, etc although I know those campuses have a TON of students interning and working temporarily there, so they might not be permanent staff. Less

Are you including Indians as Asian? Were there a lot of Indians? Or mix?

Flatiron School

Will you prepare a presentation to present to us to simulate a classroom lecture?

1 Answers


Eldon Insurance Services

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

1 Answers

Running my own studio


sorting optimization

1 Answers

lot of optimization details for basic sorting methods


Make a deep copy of a linked list in javascript on this whiteboard.

1 Answers

I would have to look that up.

Horizon Consulting

How you will be helping with our product enlargement?

1 Answers

So i told first i need to get the scope of the product and the vision you are looking for the product improvement and yes i can accomplish your product with minimum time! Less

Logicsoft International

There were no specific question

1 Answers

I just told them about my self my professional history and my keenness to work on the project and take the project to its conclusion as soon as possible. Less


What're your opinions on frontend static site generators?

1 Answers

The right answer is basically one so strongly opinionated as to fight off the hiring manager's misleading appeals. Else no pass. Less

How we do routing in codeIgniter? Write the formula.

1 Answers

I tried to answer but interviewer was repeating his question, I think he was mentally upset. Less


Is it true that gatsbyJS cannot do SEO?

1 Answers

No, because the deployed site can have tags. He's intentionally misleading the candidate by citing how many Single Page Applications only display when run in JS which GoogleBot until 2y ago did run thus they were SEO unfriendly. Less

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