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They asked me how I would handle the double transition of coming from private practice to going both in-house, as well as practicing in the public sector.

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I’ve tried many different areas both during post secondary as well as in my career and adapt to change very quickly.

Did you do drug test?

Tell me about yourself, what stands out?

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Standard questions. Focus on practice. Performance on tasks is key determining factor.

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Nothing out of the ordinary for any prospective lawyer hire.

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typical questions - tell me a time you did this... etc.

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Interview questions focused on getting to know me personally, my motivations for becoming a lawyer (they wanted to know that I would be seeking to maximize my earnings, since that means more profit for the firm) work ethic and determination to learn and excel. I really can't add more, as my prior anecdotal experience would not apply to others

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How do I feel about working evenings and weekends?

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When are you planning to have children.

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WhyDeloitte? Why did you decide to practice immigration law? What are your salary expectations. What type of files do you work on daily?

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