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Language teachers help students learn a second language. Some teach in classrooms, whereas others interact with students online. In a language teacher interview, you should expect questions about your teaching experience, education and the languages you speak.

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Top Language Teacher Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top languages teacher interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: Which tools do you use to teach students?

How to answer: This question lets you showcase your teaching skills. You can talk about methods such as showing films or videos in the foreign language, singing songs with students in the language, assigning homework or using visual aids.

Question No. 2: Why did you decide to be a language teacher?

How to answer: With this question, you can convince the interviewer that your goals align with theirs. Talk about why you are passionate about teaching and what events led you to choose a foreign language as a subject. For example, you could discuss your first trip to a foreign country and how much you enjoyed learning a new language.

Question No. 3: How do you keep students motivated and prevent frustration?

How to answer: Learning a new language is difficult and some students could give up without a skilled teacher to motivate them. Talk about how you would focus more on comprehension than grammar or pronunciation. You can also discuss the benefits of giving students attainable tasks and praising them for their progress. If possible, mention a student who excelled and benefited from their new language skills.

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Fusion Academy
Foreign Language Teacher was asked...September 25, 2022

what are your working experience why are you interested the position

JET Program

"What would you do if a student was misbehaving in class while you were trying to teach?" (Make sure that you answer in a positive manner!)

2 Answers

"If you are placed in a rural part of Japan that is not on your preference list, are you okay with that?" Less

take him in one side and speak with him if its not worked , let him help you as small teacher by giving him sheet to Handing other students keep him working with you . Less

How long would you be able stay at this job? The lead seemed positive that, if interested, I could retire there.

1 Answers

I indicated that I could remain a long time if the job was favorable.

City of Toronto

What will you add to this company?

Staten Island Academy

Differentiation in the classroom How to teach certain grammar

Big Blue Marble Academy

How my past experience could help me in this new role.

British Town Dil Okullari

How many hours can you work? Can you work on weekends?

My English School Italia

Grammar questions, life questions, just seeing if I fit into the culture.

1 Answers


Orange County Schools

What would you do if a child was in a crisis inside your classroom?

Spring Academy

teaching history, the day to work, give a test lesson

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