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Why would you want to work in a city you have never lived in.

1 Answer

Home is where the heart is.

- Asked if know about SAS, database management system and SQL. - Then briefly went through the resume

Do you know what we do? Why do you want to work here?

Describe a situation where you had a bad team work experience

I had prepared well for the interview, so did not find any difficulty. However, question where candidates may falter or go off track is.. did you ever get into conflict at previous workplace? Be careful in how you answer this. Don't paint a bad picture of your previous employer in front of your "potential" new employer. Be diplomatic about this

Questions were pretty canned. Not really anything difficult. Just read up on the company beforehand.

The job for interview is not something you can prepare for, the manager basically wants to know if you'd be a good fit for the team. For the behaviour interviews, capital one sends out prep questions, just prepare as best you can. Review your skills and the description of the position.

Academic experience, language ability, recent professional activity.

Are you paying taxes?

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