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Gelber Group
Junior Trader was asked...October 4, 2022

Tell me about a time you took a risk. How do you set goals for yourself.

Valkyrie Trading

Tell me about your projects

Trader Joe's
Junior Trader was asked...September 27, 2022

Self intro Bank Stock Market Finance

Cobblestone Energy
Junior Trader was asked...September 27, 2022

The sum of 1017 consecutive integers is 1017. What is the product of these integers ?

2 Answers

The answer is 0. Since we are find the products of the integer that made the sum of 1017 consecutive integers to be 1017. The number to make such runs from -507 to 509. Less

1st step : estimate n such as the sum from i = -n to i = 1016-n equals 1017, this gives n =507. (you can use sum(i)=n(n+1)/2 and subtract 2 sums starting from 0 to obtain the result). Consequently, the sum can be written as : S = (-507) + (-506) + ... + (-1) + 0 + 1 + ... +506 + 507 +508 +509. As a result, the sum is only made of 2 numbers S = 508+509 (the others cancel each other out: ). The solution is thus 508*509 = 258 572 Less

Citadel Securities
Junior Trader was asked...September 25, 2022

What do you want out of a trader role?

1 Answers

Did now have a match, ended interview

Da Vinci Derivatives
Junior Trader was asked...September 22, 2022

Probability puzzles and mental math. It's also a test of your mental gymnastics and ability to conceptualise. The interviews are intense so ensure you are well rested and up to it. My final interview was a quick and broad test of knowledge as well as my approach to risk. The interviewer took time at the end to explain what would have been a far better approach, which was truly insightful.

IMC Trading

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IMC Trading

Failure that I had. Hardest challenges.


If there's a risky or questionable investment and your boss asks you to undertake it even when you know it's wrong would you do it?


"80 in 8" is mental maths style questions

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