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Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group
Corporate Investment Management Junior Credit Analyst was asked...January 2, 2019

What are the parts of a cash flow statement and how do you arrive at them?

1 Answers

Operating cash flows you begin with the net income and add back any non cash expense as well as change in working capital. Investing cash flow includes your capital expenditures as well investing dealing with other companies. Financing cash flows deals with activities of receiving cash from newly issued debt as well as paying down debt that is maturing and paying dividends. Less

With the exception of Kite (Kite’s drug was part of my case study) who else is approved to administer CARs

1 Answers


What’s a 505b2 protocol

1 Answers

I didn’t know the answer, but it’s the combination of two or more already approved drugs/therapies, or if an already approved therapy is repurposed or something (going by memory) Less

(Again not the exact question because i’m going from memory but...) What type of therapy is being described: It works by extracting T-Cells, genetically engineering them to target a tumor, then re-administering them into your body

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CAR-T therapy

Besides the obvious benefit of improving the safety profile and subjecting the patient to harmful side effects, what is a significant benefit for taking a *prophylactic* (KNOW WHAT THIS WORD MEANS) that prevents toxicity as a result of CAR-T therapy

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It cuts the cost in half (almost)... in fact, if you said “almost” and knew that all in, CAR-T therapy is roughly $1.2 million, idk- i bet he’d be pleasantly surprised Less

Sum all the number from 1-100 inclusive

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Answer is 5050 (if you think 1+99=100, 2+98 is 100 and so on you get 50x100 then just have to add remaining 50 Less


There was no unexpected question for this position.

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There was no unexpected question for this position.

Explain why, all things being equal, the statement “debt is cheaper than equity” is true

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Because when you calculate your weighted average cost of capital, you discount the corporate tax rate... He likes this question because “everybody gives (him) some long pseudo-intellectual answer, when it’s really found in a simple math equation” But literally if your equity/your total cap * cost of equity (found through CAPM) equals 1 and your debt/total capital * cost of debt equals 1 — you would have found your total cost of equity, however you’d have to multiply your cost of debt by (1-t)... since the US corporate tax rate is 20%, it would be .8 I know it reads confusingly because it seems like it’s asking you to use the answer of the question as an input in your formula, but your cost of equity (Ke) is CAPM and your cost of debt (Kd) is basically the weighted average interest rate of the debt Less

Credit Suisse

What is the probability that two dogs have the same number of hairs?

1 Answers

Obviously, it is almost zero.

Cambridge Associates, LLC

Why didnt you join any clubs or societies in school?

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