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Ananta Games
Junior Game Artist was asked...September 29, 2016

what is normal map.

2 Answers

A normal map is main texture map which has fake lighting information and stores direction at each pixel. these direction are called normal. It creates the illusion of more surface detail or better curvature. Less

Normal map are a type of bump map. Its use in 3D texture and


where do you live? what are your future prospects?

1 Answers

I live in Iran


how do you work what do you do . how to avoid problems

1 Answers

i totally solve things with communication mostly

Bombay Play

I got an art test and most questions were directed to why I took certain decisions, followed by their feedback on it.

1 Answers

Like a conversation with a colleague. I didn't feel as stressed as I usually do.

Intouch Games

I was asked about my current role and salary expectations before being given an overview about the company and what the role entails.

Bending Spoons

Standart questions about my experience and 4 video about their yoga app which I needed to analyze

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