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Junior Front End Developer was asked...September 5, 2017

Haben Sie Erfahrung mit Unit Testing?

3 Answers

Können Sie mir bitte sagen, welche Frage in der persönlichen / finalen Runde gestellt wurde? Ich werde 2 Stunden verabredet. Position Junior Full Stack Entwickler. Deine Antworten werden mir auf jeden Fall helfen !! Bitte antworte Less

Can you please describe the coding challenge ?

You are supposed to write a game, or the beginnings of it, including all the tests. It wasn't easy. Less

Journal of Medical Internet Research Publications

Explain your process for developing the assessment

1 Answers

I talked about my own process and the steps I took to complete the assessment.


As a designer, did I think I would get bored with coding and troubleshooting?

1 Answers

I let them know that while design is a creative field, I have always been interested in designing for the user, and coding is no different. Whether creating a design or writing code the interesting part to me was the end result for the user. Less


Where you see yourself in 5 years?

1 Answers

This is also about your vision and feeling


So before November 2018, you had never been exposed to coding?

1 Answers

No (he clearly hadn't looked at my CV or my GitHub profile before I arrived for the interview). Less

Shift Technology

The different of double equal and triple equal in Javascript. String operations.

1 Answers

Difference between Equals operator and STRICT Equals Operator if we compare a == b where both are values, we produces true or false javascript will convert if necessary "125" == 125 // true 125 == 125 // true using === is not the same we compare using same type and the values need to be equals "125" === 125 //false let x =999; a === 999 //true a ==='999' // false Less


Q: Why did you decide to make the transition to pursue Software Engineering?

1 Answers

I explained my background and why I was unsatisfied with my former work. I mentioned the reasons why I really enjoy software engineering and that I see a long future for it in my life Less


The interviewer asked how I heard about them. Then I was asked what the company does.

1 Answers

After describing my understanding, I was asked how it is their system implemented. I gave a high level answer, after which I was asked to describe it technically. Knowing very little about their platform, I could only guess the pieces. The whole process was very vague, with hardly any specific scenarios. Towards the end I was wondering if this was a front end developer interview. Less


A few logic and complexity questions as well as theory.

1 Answers

I answered as I saw fit and was challenged to try to optimize my answers which I did. Less


Any optimization technique I had learnt before? Why you love front end development?

1 Answers

I love Front end cuz its will allow you to bulid anything in your imagination intro a reall screen to show it to the world Less

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