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Senior Java Developer was asked...February 1, 2023

the question was just plain request to create two restapi endpoints. And from their feedback it was expected to have an implementation of an enterprise feature developed.

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they should have clear use case if they want an entire design and development to be done. And instead developing such a feature for an interview rather we can start a startup. (These kind of requests can go for graduates or for non working individuals) Less


What are your initial motivations?


General scenario based Java questions and questions related to microservices, design pattern, agile, CI CD piple line and current project architecture.


Basic java programs like reverse linked list, design linked list, multi level grouping and sorting in j8

Veritas Technologies

Past experience & about your work


Core Java, oops concept and where it was used. Design patterns and solid principles. Some migration scenario based questions. Three coding questions. Springboot framework related questions and different annotations and where to use them. Security and JWT related questions. Micro service architecture questions. Current product working and challenges i faced and how I overcame those.


Qual foi o seu projeto mais desafiador?

EPAM Anywhere

General questions related to Java, Solid principles, thread; diff b/w runnable and callable, hibernate, spring , can we have two config file one xml and one java , Angular js directives, closures in Java Script, find third highest salary of employee


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