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It security analyst Interview Questions


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They asked about past experiences. Asked how I would complete needs assessments Asked how I would manage and track budgets Asked what my certifications were

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I explained past experiences and how I would work with clients to gather their requirements. They were very particular about having certifications over practical experience.

Décrivez- mois votre parcours professionnel

Tell me about yourself. Why BlueShore? Why are you looking to leave your current role?

STAR method to describe a difficult situation.

Work experience, job roles, and salary expectations

- Tell us about yourself - Why Fortinet? - Where do you see yourself in 5-6 years? - Technical Python/Networking/Troubleshooting/Git/Automation/Virtualization/DevOps,... questions...

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Why can’t you move to move to Toronto in shorter time, I have people have their bags packed for the job

General questions about my self and the role, and some general easy technical questions.

How much experience do you have with server hardware? How much experience do you have with Linux servers? Are you comfortable with frequent traveling?

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