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Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a co-worker who wasn't doing his/her fair share of the work. What did you do and what was the outcome?

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Taking a pragmatic approach, I spoke to the individual in private to understand if there were any underlying issues impeding his/her tasks. It turned out to be a workload issue, and we discussed handing off some other tasks (at least during the life of the project) to mitigate potential risks of not delivering to the project, and his/her assigned tasks.

Past experience with IT Projects in Utilities

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They asked questions that didn't really drill down into my relevant experience. Pretty typical "feelings" based ones. I can't recall the specific questions.

Usual question of how do you handle difficult people

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I never had a chance from the beginning. The first thing that the senior director said was 'you don't know anything' before I had a chance to introduce myself.

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there never was a list of questions prepared by the interviewers, since whenever i was requesting clarity on their ambigously defined questioned, their questions would be ad-libbed on the spot to allow for an ambigiously defined answers. Not very professional at all.

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There were a number of standard PM questions, about project artifacts, planning, etc.

What are the tools you use to manage your projects, why you think that those are the good tools, etc etc. Give a situation where asked by your manager to ignore an issue, what steps did you take. What obstacles did you face? and how did you overcome them? What was the result of the endeavor? What did you learn?--This is asked more than once in the interview

What do I regret or would change if i could do it again?

Situational Questions based on below concepts: (You have to use "I" than we and give examples) 1- have you ever delegate work? How ? 2-$ value of projects you handled till now? 3-How do you handled conflicts? 4-Leadership style you have? 5-How you motivate team when project get failed? 6-Have you ever negotiate for resources ? How?

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