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ONLINE: If shopping centres were 13% more popular, how many (to the nearest whole number) of those surveyed would prefer to shop at shopping centres? Sequence based questions. Most effective responses in situations they state. CV/PHONE INTERVIEW: Why do you want to join the program? Why do you think you are a good fit for H&M? Languages fluent in Is there any person that inspires you? If your last boss was to walk in to the room now, what would he say about your strengths and weaknesses? Would they agree? Would you like to add something more to what they say? Why retail? Retail experiences? What was your biggest achievement? Which ITP function is your top preference? Rank them What kind of values had you brought from home? Is there one country where you don't see yourself working? TIMED CASE INTERVIEW: Be fluent about pricing strategies, market saturation, market expansion techniques, leasing/ negotiating techniques, production cost, merchandise allocation strategies, supply chain strategies

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