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What happened with your XX course and a grade of 65%?

1 Answer

I answered responding that i) the course's professor wasn't helpful or a strong communicator; ii) the course material was already difficult as is; iii) I had to work extra hard and seek other resources to get by

tell me about your current job

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Q: What was your prior work experience like?

1 Answer

What were my tasks in my previous job; what are my career plans

1 Answer

There weren't any difficult or unexpected questions - I just did my research, and answered all the questions put to me.

why bdo why are you leaving your current job

What's your career path? How do you like your job at XX? Are you okay to work overtime?

1. Tell me about yourself 2. Why are you the best candidate? 3. Why do you want leave your current job? 4. Describe your current working environment and working hours. 5. Is it flexible for overtime work? 6. What do you know our company? 7. Salary expectation 8. How long do you need to notice the employer? 9. The skill level for Excel.

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