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What are your goals ?

3 Answers

I answered with my goals !

Success and heard working

Heard Working and success

Who would you hire in this group and why.

2 Answers

If an agent does a outbound call to a client that is with a competitor and is happy with his services, Rogers cannot offer him a better price, and Roger have not benefit to offer to them how would you try to sell him a product?

2 Answers

Asked about my level of experience with Quickbooks

2 Answers

At the question ''Why Softchoice'', they do not think ''I like computers'' to be a correct answer.

2 Answers

What are your expectations from this company?

2 Answers

I am the owner of X and after calling me I asked for a face to face meeting. You are representing Y, close the deal with me face to face. You can package it any way you like. Go

2 Answers

Why are you leaving your past job

2 Answers

"What is your fave drink? Why is it your fave drink?"

2 Answers

What is Vizily? Role-playing a sale, walk through background

2 Answers
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