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Transaction Risk Investigator Interview Questions in India


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I didnt face any technical questions ,they want a commitment from my side that i work them for long term and not for an year experience which most freshers do

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i said yes for long term carrier at amazon

you are the logistics head of a 5 star hotel and you want some perishable foods from srilanka but the supplier doesnt have storage facility. so how would you get it from there?

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1. Tell me 5 online transactional risks? 2. You are from technical field, then why TRMS? Why don't you leave the interview? lol (sarcasm).

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Would I be okay working Night shifts, 11 hours a day, How would I determine if a seller was a Fraud.

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no difficult questions as such.i was asked a set of hypothetical questions.

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GD : about yourself and process applied for

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