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What kind of work environment I prefer to be in? The best experience I've had with a supervisor and the worst. What made each experience good/bad (exclude names and employers)?

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I can be in every environment because I have been in country with summer and winter and I have gained alot of experience in cleaning with my supervisor to respect the employee and I have no worst at all

If your looking to best work you have ever hard ,search no further because am the one

I can work with different People according to my experience

Why did you choose to work for this company?

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Questions were typical.

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Why do you really want this job?

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How do you ensure ownership of transferability of training at a managerial level?

1 Answer

Am I ok in a sales role with targets to meet.

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They asked me about the Builder's Code and how it aligned with my values

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How would you approach a situation where you were unsure how to proceed?

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The most difficult and even unexpected question was what I would do if my training presentations were not getting the information across to the trainees and I only had that day to get the material across. How would I change mid stream to ensure the trainees left feeling knowledgeable.

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Since real estate lending is part of this particular role, they required a role play scenario to close off the interview. The manager acted as the customer and we did an approx. 5 minute role play.

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