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What salary you expect?

2 Answers

basic salary

PUSH for 4 or 5 weeks holiday if you make less than 80K a year. It takes 20 YEARS to get up to 5 weeks vacation otherwise. I negotiated 4 weeks, and they stipulated I had to work the 10 then the 20 years to get my 5 weeks. 30 years for an extra week of holidays? How Rude. 0 of 5 Stars, IBM Canada

Just the standard question. Nothing that stood out, except the things that were asked had nothing to do with the job itself. Most of the questions were pretty generic and you'll probably get them in one google search.

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Why Le Nordik Spa nature?

1 Answer

Tell me about a time I had to handle a challenging situation

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How do build skills and develop others?

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Are you able to provide an example of a time you were innovative and what you did?

What sets you apart from other candidates interested in this role?

What do I think about Performance Management systems?

Please review your background (experience, education, and skills) and how they make you the most suitable candidate for this role.

Describe the most difficult Human Resources you handled successfully?

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