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Overlake Medical Center and Clinics
Health Information Management Technician was asked...August 19, 2014

What are the circumstances in which you would violate policy?

2 Answers

A HIM interview question I was asked at another organization: What would you do if a fellow employee was gossiping about a patients medical condition? The answer is: report it immediately to your Supervisor. Less

I gave a non-answer in stating that some workers may find emergency situations to be an acceptable reason to violate policy, but I don't know of specific situations in which this would occur. The manager bluntly stated, "There are no situations in which violating policy is acceptable." Less

Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare

Tell me about yourself ?

1 Answers

It’s optional so I won’t answer .

Centura Health

I was asked about my experience level and how I handled difficult tasks.

1 Answers

I am very experienced in the medical field and I treat others the way I want to be treated. Less

What its your knowledge in EHR implementation?

1 Answers

I worked in my last job enhancing and improving the use of EHR in private physicians facilities and about 90 percentage of my clients acquired the federal funds of EHR implementations. Less

CHOC Children's

Where do you want to specialize in the HIM field of work?

1 Answers

I stated that due to my lack of experience I was not yet sure exactly where I want to be, but with my background in I.T. I could certainly see myself doing work that is more I.T. centered like database management and integration. Less

Encompass Health

Tell me about yourself? What made you become interested in encompass

1 Answers

I told them about my current role, how I got in with an interview, and talked about my future. Less

George Brown College

What lead you to a career in HIM?

1 Answers

As a child I was very ill and spent much time in hospitals. As I grew up and began exploring different careers and began working in administration I definitely knew that I would excel in a job which involved much paperwork, some IT, and customer service qualities. at the same time I wanted a job that would allow to give back for all the help I received as a child while I was sick. So I decided that a job in healthcare would be the best answer and HIM had everything I was looking for. Less

George Brown College

Describe a previous job that you've had?

1 Answers

I worked as a bookkeeper/administrative assistant for over 9 years for a company called Tribax Management. Our main business was property management. My main duties involved accounts receivable and accounts payable, payroll, government remittance forms, depositing tenant cheques, dealing with tenant issues, as well as processing new tenant applications. I really enjoyed my job and was very good at it. Less

Neighborcare Health

How do you handle conflict within a team

1 Answers

By communicating with all team members and finding a compromise

University of Chicago

Q: Tell us more about yourself.

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