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Move This World
Head of Development & Production was asked...February 4, 2022

What was a challenging project I was in charge of that I was most proud of accomplishing?

1 Answers

I described a commercial campaign I produced involving many high-end parties, all with different objectives, and how I strived to make sure all involved felt that they were being equally attended to. Less

Procter & Gamble

What would do as a supervisor if one of your employees was charged with rape.

1 Answers

I would suspend the employee with pay until the final disposition of their criminal trial. If convicted, I would then fire the employee. Less


Experience Skills why Gamesa

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Question: How do you a manage all projects?

1 Answers

Answer: Transparency. Project management is that key to success. I lead many aspects of project: -I educate clients early on about the agreed contract and milestone processes. -I make sure deadlines are achievable and met, resources are utilize correctly -I'm that bridge for between creatives and technical and leadership to ensure everyone is on the same page. -I stack up the most attainable or high priority projects first. Less


Wie viele Mitarbeiter haben sie maximal einmal gehabt?

1 Answers

Die Anzahl


How can I handle a projects and team members that came from various cultural backgrounds?

1 Answers

I had been in this situation before, communication and diligently gaining trust is crucial. Less


how can u prove ur experience

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keep me and see


Technical questions about experience

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Given all updates about related work


Given the role, questions focused on how I would as a senior manager delivery a strategy for ongoing production stability and service value for existing and new Clients.

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