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What change would I make to the McDonalds Menu?

4 Answers

I suggested offering alternative dressings for the salads

I love Macdonals, I would not change anything, I only add more flavors, hot chocolate dishes, more variety in salads to increase sales .... think of children who can not eat gluten or other foods and create special food dishes ...

The burgers are so small not enough.

Why you want to work in home depot?

2 Answers

What makes a good recruiter? 5 people sitting in the room who is the best salesperson?

1 Answer

What do you want to coach/volunteer?

1 Answer

Why work for Williams?

1 Answer

Do you have extensive experience on the position?

1 Answer

Why do you want to work for this store in particular?

1 Answer

Will you work in our stores? LOL

1 Answer

about my last job and progress

1 Answer

Describe to me your relevant experiences. Why Wells Fargo? How do you define risks?

1 Answer
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