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Given a file of 4 billion 32-bit integers, find any integer that does not appear in the file using 1GB of memory. Then repeat the same task using 80MB of memory.

2 Answers

For 1GB: Create a boolean array (1 bit per entry) of size 4 billion + 1, initialized to false. Read the whole file. For each integer, if it's in the range 0 - 4 billion, set the array value to true. Then find any array value which is false (since the array size is 4 billion + 1 and the input is size 4 billion there is guaranteed to be one which is false). For 80MB: Read the file in 80MB chunks and sort each chunk. Write each sorted chunk to a new file with an index (e.g. filename for i'th file = file_i). Then perform an n-way merge on the files, where n is the number of files. Then read the resulting merged file and find any 2 integers which are not consecutive and return any value in the gap. If all numbers are consecutive, return either of the endpoints (plus or minus 1).

It's good to see that Ritual are continuing with the puzzle questions that Google ridded themselves of 5 years ago. *sarcasm off*

What would you improve on the dynamite app?

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Given a list of processing jobs represented as time intervals and CPU load, determine the time interval containing the largest CPU load.

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Generic Behavioural questions.

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Given a list of substrings and an input string, determine whether the input string can be composed using the substrings. e.g. Given "a", "man", "break", determine if "amanabreak" can be decomposed. Answer: Yes: "a" "man" "a" "break".

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Every question was relevant to the experience I had and little to the job posted.

Tell me about a time you had to work with data to extract insights

Can you talk about any analytical projects you've worked on?

What is one achievement you are extremely proud of and why?

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