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Group Sales Manager was asked...May 17, 2009

A customer comes in to return a sweater without a receipt (still has tags) and refuses a store credit or exchange because she paid cash and wants cash back. She is frustrated and threatening to never ever come back to Macy's again even though she's shopped here for decades. The sweater is priced $24.99. Would you refund the customer in cash or explain Macy's return policy again and let her walk away?

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If that is the correct answer, I'm glad I don't own Macy's. If the customer is a loyal shopper, she'll understand the store policy reflects an effort to reduce theft. I would explain this policy and the reason behind it (no receipt means no proof that she didn't shoplift the product, but I wouldn't mention such for risk of inadvertently implying that she was guilty of theft). I would remind the customer that her credit will be available to her immediately and she was welcome to select another sweater or product/item of her choosing. Regardless, I wouldn't refund cash without a receipt. Less

By the way, I answered this question incorrectly and also said I would not refund in cash and just continue to offer store credit. That's not the answer they are looking for. I was told the correct answer (as I listed above) by the interviewer. Macy's has done their research and a customer will continue to shop at their store if they feel their customer service issues are recognized and resolved. If a customer service issue is ignored or denied they will just shop somewhere else (in addition to that they will tell their friends and family not to shop at Macy's). Department stores are a dying breed in a world where Walmart and Target reign supreme and customer loyalty is what keeps these stores in business! Less

I agree that the cash is returned in this case--the sweater is $24.99. Of course, reiterate the store policy but developing customer loyalty is what will keep department stores in business. Less

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If you had to do your taxes in 24 hours, how would you do them.

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Majhnppm M


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FEP Group

Tell us about education

3 Answers

I walked them through my education, even though it was already articulated in my CV Less

I hold a Masters in Business administration and a Bachelors degree in Accounting I am a certified public Accountant Less

CPA (K) in good standing

AL Tayer

Case Study was extremely generic and did not specify a problem statement. My response was according to the facts stated in the case study. A panellist challenged me that I hve not answered the question asked in the case study.

2 Answers

I countered with the view that the answer to an ambiguous question cannot be precise. Less

I agree that answer to an ambiguous question cannot be precise. Also how long it took from Final Panel interview to selection decision / verbal offer? In my case, it's taking more than 7 days post 2 panel interviews but no news so far. Less

Everas Community Services

Describe yourself in 3 words

2 Answers

Hey I think you were in my grp 😊 did you have your one on one yet? If so, what happened Less

Compassionate, reliable, team player


At peak times, in a theme park customer satisfaction goes for a toss due to long waiting periods at the rides. How can you solve this problem using technology?

2 Answers

- Take preference from the visitors the moment they enter and recommend a route plan. Idea is to compute the demand for various rides and optimise the wait times. - Issue a digital token when they land up at the queue and they are free to spend time around until their turn. We could issue a notification on digital token asking visitor to come back to the ride when it is just right time to get onto the ride Less

It's essential to demonstrate that you can really go deep... there are plenty of followup questions and (sometimes tangential) angles to explore. There's a lot of Group Product Manager experts who've worked at ClearTax, who provide this sort of practice through mock interviews. There's a whole list of them curated on Prepfully. Less


How to Manage Customer when last minute Critical issue faced just before UAT

2 Answers

Good to have detail discussion about last hour crtical issue with client,It is obvious in software develoment probablity of risk will trigger is unexpeced ,Therefore as manager we will have a contigency plan to mitigate the unknow unknow risk.As manager i have to use the contigency plan(schedule and mitigation to overcome the issue) and inform client that using this plan there are chance of delivery as expected if not possible will allow other components to delivery ,keeping this aside. Less

Have a detail discussion with Customer on criticality of issue and convince him, rather than putting under carpet Less


eBay reduces the commission from sellers. The Average Selling Price goes up. Why?

2 Answers

I guess because sellers can spend more time. Let's consider reducing commission in an auction - if a customer is supposed to pay $1 for 7 days instead of $2 for 7 days, she is more likely to spend more time i.e. 14days instead of just 7 days. And because she has more time available for auction, she would set minimum price to a higher value than before. Less

Commission for sellers means that the seller are more will to give discount to the buyers. Increase in ASP could be because people buy more expensive products because of the discount. Less


Please explain the most difficult project you were involved in the past 3 years.

2 Answers

I just explained the tight one but with successful project completion.

How long the essay you have written ? I mean how many words ?

Dover Corporation

What can you do with a pencil?

2 Answers

Throw them into the ceiling.

Write in absence of gravity

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