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How would you handle really difficult working personalities?

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I responded something along the lines of not taking it personally and that im more focused on the type of work i am responsible for. I related it to previous customer service experience about not taking things personally.

Tell me about a time when you faced a deadline and had multiple projects on your plate.

most interesting question was toughest past direct report. and how I was able to mentor them,

Tell us about a time when you had a problem with a coworker and how did you handle the situation

1. Something about yourself 2. how does the position work for your long term career goal 3. three behavior questions related to leadership, analytical and communication skills 4. my question for them

Why do you want to work here? How did you hear about us? Describe your self in three words or less?

Give an example of a time where you had to resolve conflict within a professional environment.

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