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Why bell? Any obstacle in your career? Strength?

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My application status did the same thing. Went from in progress to Technology operations. Not sure what that’s all about.

I initially thought that "Technology Operations" is some department at Bell Canada and expected to get a contact from them for in-person interview. idk man.. I will update here once I hear anything

I’ll do the same too should I hear anything.

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Tell us about a time you handled a new experience/situation?

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Tell me about yourself Why you want to work for Rogers and what interested in applying here Technical questions based off resume Scenario questions based on position skillsets

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finds out a worker didnt wear safety glass, what you going to do

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If you had the power to change one thing in the world what would it be

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What are your short term and long term plans

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Describe the technical accomplishment you’re most proud of. Why are you particularly proud of this accomplishment? What challenges did you face? What lessons did you learn for your next project?

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Video Interview Questions 1. How did you prepare for this interview? 2. What influenced you to choose your major and how do you ensure success? 3. What transferable skills can you apply to the role you have applied for? 4. Talk about a time where you had conflicting priorities and how you dealt with it? 5. What are you passionate about outside of school? 6. If you could add a new feature to your phone, what feature would it be? On Campus Interview An Ivey case, there was quite a bit of financial analysis this year. Determine whether or not person X should pursue either business opportunity A, business opportunity B, both opportunities or neither. Set pricing for your services, conduct internal and external analysis, determine basic marketing plan, but most importantly complete financial analysis to determine the feasibility of your choice. Standard behavioural interview component (talk about a time when...).

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Why did you study your major?

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How would you balance conflicting deadlines? Describe a time you had to manage different groups in a different ways using logic skills Name a time you handled a conflict well and a time you handled one poorly.

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