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The case studies at the SRD are the most challenging but if you think fast and analyze efficiently, you will find they to be quite easy.

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Can you please contact me at: I need to know some info about the srd.

Hi, I was suffering the same situation as you too. I was informed that I passed the SRD next day, and after three weeks, I received a email saying that there is no position available right now. I was wondering if they provided you a position in the end or you are still waiting for their offer. If it is possible, I would appreciate that you can contact me at

Describe the technical accomplishment you’re most proud of. Why are you particularly proud of this accomplishment? What challenges did you face? What lessons did you learn for your next project?

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I can not share the question, but in a couple of words: It was a problem with matrices, and how to efficiently store information on it.

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They had different numerical questions, some were easy and some hard

Transistor Opamp circuits and their Gain. How adding a few components makes the circuit better

Recognizing and handling conflicts of interest.

Strength and weakness. Be prepared to state a number of them, since they asked for two each. Other questions were typical interview questions, and they had a piece of paper with exact questions that they are going to ask in front of them.

Techniques to troubleshooting different cell towers, various questions about communications infrastructure, interpreting graphs.

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