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Apex Systems
GIS Technician was asked...August 15, 2016

How would you locate addresses?

4 Answers

There are multiple ways to locate an address, but the problem is confirming an address. 1. Use Google Maps, Bing Maps, or other online source. 2. Do a select by attributes in ESRI ArcGIS desktop if you are using a layer with known addresses. 3. Use the address inspector in ESRI ArcGIS desktop. 4. Create an address locater by Geocoding. Less

Using Excel address data, convert it to cvs format, import the file in QGIS using google api code, OSM or binge maps, Run Geocoding. Visualize the address points. Less

Can anyone answer this question?

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Apex Systems

Someone wants to go from Point A to B. How could you crate a map to help him

4 Answers

Can someone please answer this?

Insert starting point and end point, using QGIS shortest route optimization, import road network layer and run the algorithm, visualize the best route. Less

Perform a network analysis in Arcmap and choose your start and ending destinations Less

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can you work extra hours if need be

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Why do you want to work in GIS

2 Answers

Would like to gain commercial experience and start a career in GIS

Answer is varied from person to person just answer it as you openion by starting with mentioning work experience on that feild or similar feild and how effectively you complete the work and your speciality in that feild and finally how much you like to do work in that feild Later on prepare for next question why you choose cyient Less

ASRC Federal Holding Company

Do you have any experience with reltional databasing?

2 Answers

While I wasn’t formally taugh in ArcSDE, I have taken a class focused on Excel and Access relational databasing. I understand the concepts while I am not an expert. (They were actually very pleased with this answer) Less

ArcMap itself is an example of a relational database in the sense that it utilizes tabular data that can be stored and linked with other tables based on a common key, which is a component of a relational database Less

Apex Systems

What do you do to deal with situations where you find yourself doing tedious/repetitive tasks?

2 Answers

I would challenge myself to increase speed/efficiency.

I get asked this a lot. Usually I say something like “I set time limits for myself for when I want a certain task completed so I can try to stay on task and not be distracted with something else”. Other times I have included my knowledge of scripting that can help automate repetitive tasks. Less

City of Sun Prairie

What is the difference between the project tool and the define projection tool? Additional open ended questions: describe in detail your last GIS project, explain past experiences with python. Explain the importance of customer service was the only non technical question in the interview and was one that caught me off gaurd.

1 Answers

The project tool is used to change from one coordinate system to another and a new data set will be created. If the data does not already have a geographic or projected coordinate system then the define projection tool must be used. Less

RCS Corporation

do you have any Experience with GiS

1 Answers

ARCgis was my specialty and it worked for the opening.

Bristol Alliance of Companies

Use the Esri JavaScript/Dojo API to create a user friendly UI.

1 Answers

I made it work any way I could. That was obviously the wrong answer.

Given the length and width of a football field, calculate the amount of blades of grass.

1 Answers

Rather not say. It was a pressuring situation and I felt extremely uncomfortable around the toxic masculine energy. Less

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