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Geoscientist was asked...May 4, 2022

what experience makes you suitable for the role?

2 Answers

I said 10 years of academic experience with experience in industry directly related to the role. Less

How many interviews in total ?


You are working and you look up at the clock. It is a digital 12 hr clock. it reads 8 oclock. you look down and continue working. the next time you look up it reads 8:02. what is the minimum and maximum amount of time that could have past?

2 Answers

The minimum amount of time is 2 minutes, you could answer 12 hours plus 2 minutes as a maximum amount of time, but the question is clear, the maximum is only 24 hours plus 2 minutes. Less

Carlos, you're wrong. The clock can't resolve seconds, so 8:00:00 = 8:00:59. The minimum time is 61 seconds Less

Geoscientist was asked...December 11, 2020

What did you do in college?

1 Answers

Cannot comment on this.


The most unexpected question was given a picture with 3 light bulbs and told they were in a room and the three switches were in another room. You were only allowed to enter the room with the lights once and how would you know which switch corresponded to which light.

1 Answers

Put one switch on for 5 mins then switch off , then put another switch on. Then enter room , the one that's on will be lit, the one that's warm will be the previous switch and the cold bulb is the switch you never touched. Less

Geoscientist was asked...September 3, 2017

Describe the seismic line

1 Answers

Observations then interpretations.

Environmental Standards

The interviewer asked about my background and experience in groundwater sampling and field work.

1 Answers

I went into detail about my previous work in groundwater sampling and the methods and equipment that were used. We also discussed my thesis work and the skills I used to complete my project. Less

Weston Solutions

Tell me about yourself and why we should hire you

1 Answers



Do you have any experience with team work?

1 Answers

Yes, I am a key team member in my current work place.

Geoscientist was asked...December 10, 2017

What was your greatest failure? Why?

1 Answers

I talked about a time in my life when I really didn’t do well, but then put a positive spin on it to show how I used it as a learning experience to help me avoid making similar mistakes and to proactively anticipate situations like that in the future. Less

Nigerian National Petroleum
Geoscientist was asked...February 16, 2019

Are you fulfilled in your present job?

1 Answers

I explained all the shortcomings I had in my previous job.

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