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MH Alshaya
General Manager was asked...July 20, 2012

how do you deal with an angry costumer? if you are a manager do you engage with costumers?

7 Answers

According to situation first we have see why he is angry the according situation we hae handle customer Less

According to situation first we have see why he is angry the according situation we hae handle customer Less

i would like to entertain the customer in good manners,and talk some conversation,and offer a good quality of items that can catch her/his attention.... Less

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Jiffy Lube

are you a key team player

6 Answers

i answered yes and explained

prior experience as an asst manager for JL

Definitely a team player, leader ,, have training experience ,,, also US Army 63 Bravo :Vehicle Mechanic.... Less

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Detailed knowledge and understanding of the Uber business

4 Answers

Any specific dress code for Uber Zoom interview?

If you do not have a detailed understanding of the Uber business it would be difficult to undertake the hiring process Less

What made you decline the offer?

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Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre

Where do you see yourselves 5 years down the line?

4 Answers

More trustworthy,relaible and well skillful or techniqued person

Top.of the pogition right nw iam

I see myself living a balance life of work alongside enjoying every moment of life Less

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How much is your expected salary?

2 Answers

I'd like to answer this question if your certain that I'm the right fit based on qualifications and not because of my asking rate. I'd like to be selected based on my capabilities and value that I can bring to the organization and not because I'm the less expensive amongst all candidates. Less

Your response to that question was the best I have heard in quite a while. Excellent answer! Less

Chartwell Retirement Residences

Tell me a time when... behavioural type questions

4 Answers

I have 10 years work experience

I like to hard work it's ok

I wish to work chart well retirement but I live out of canada

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Worldwide Equipment

If an employee made an honest mistake and your largest customer wanted him fired, would you?

3 Answers

The key ingredient in this question is HONEST,if I absolutely knew without any reservation the mistake was unintentional and he/ she is and has been a good employee I definitely WOULD NOT fire the employee,it is what it is a HONEST employee who isn't perfect as NO ONE is perfect excluding the LORD JESUS CHRIST who is the ONLY PERFECT ONE all I would say for the one who thinks they're PERFECT and MISTAKE FREE cast the 1st stone. Less

Absolutely not under no circumstances do you let a customer tell you how to run your business . In these times mechanics are hard to come by with a average labor rate of 140 per hour a good technician has the potential to make a company $254,800 at 90% efficiency . In this industry the technician is the life blood and overlooked . Less

NO...Employees are more valuable than customers. Treat them right and the customers will come. Less


Why do you want to work for this company?

3 Answers

I’m chef with 23 international experience around the world

I am a young lady n looking to learn and experiences different things and also to further my studies Less

I have 3 kids thats why i need to find a job


Why do you think Rent A Center likes weekly payments?

3 Answers

They make more money that way.

They don't trust the customer to budget properly.

Or it gives them more chances to pick the furniture back up because a customer is more likely to make a mistake with 52 payments vs. 24 or 12. Less

Rain Bird

They asked the normal, previous experience, details of the job, if you have experience laying people off, etc.

3 Answers

Dude- read Glassdoor! You do not want to get an offer. The reason they ask the question is because you will be terminating people on a regular basis due to the forced ranking system. You would eventually be terminated when you fell out of favor with me. Less

Don't look back. Turning down the offer was a very prudent thing to do. I'm sure the salary offered was good, but not worth the upheaval that employment at RB would cause..... The answer to the question is to make sure the interviewer is sold on the fact that you would have no problem terminating someone's employment when they fall out of favor with Tony. That is what needs to take place. If you can't do it, then Tony will suddenly have the person report to someone else who will do the termination. Then you will have fallen out of favor and you'll need to start buffing up your resume. Less

Right on, Martin. Sounds like you know the company well. Always say you have experience terminating people, in fact, say that you really enjoy doing it. That will go along way with Tony and his decision to hire you. Less

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