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Aeria Games
Product Manager Online Game was asked...April 27, 2015

“One employee comes to you and tells you: if we reduce the price of our rooms by 20%, we can increase the number of customers by 30%. Question: would the idea of your employee be worth it?”

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The tricky part about this exercise is that she clearly asked me to NOT use any software (e.g. Excel, Mobile phone) or any calculator to take a decision, but that I could of course use pen and paper to do it. It was actually quite difficult to remember how to calculate without Excel I must say, but positively challenging. Of course, I asked her that I needed the room price, the costs and the number of customers we have monthly to calculate it, and she gave me the information afterwards. - Room price: 40 € - Fixed cost per room: 10 € - Number of monthly customers: 500 So here is the calculation to do (and that took me ages to calculate with pen and paper, unfortunately). First you have to calculate the monthly revenue without any discount: - Your revenue per room is : (room price) - (fixed cost), which makes 30 € (40 € - 10 € = 30 €) - Then you can multiply your revenue per room by the number of customers, which makes 15000€ ( 30 € x 500 = 15000 €) - So 15000 € is what you earn monthly with 500 customers, without any discount. Now we have to see if the 20 % discount that will bring us 30% more customers are worth it or not: - First you have to calculate the room price discounted, so reduced by 20%, which makes 32 € (40 € x 20% = 8 € and 40 € - 8 € = 32 €) - Same as earlier, you have to deduct the costs of you room to calculate you revenue per room, which makes 22 € (32 € - 10 € = 22 €) - The number of customers is supposed to increase by 30%, which makes 650 customers ( 500 customers x 30% = 150 and if you add these 150 to 500, it makes 650) - Now you just have to calculate what we would earn monthly, and that would be 22 € x 650 customers, which would be 14500 € 14500 € is 500 € less than the 15000 € you were earning without discount; so it’s actually NOT worth it. Less

22 € x 650 = 14300 €

Thanks for the heads-up, it's of course 14300 €... sorry for the typo! :)

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Aeria Games

“Imagine you’re taking the management of a Hostel in Berlin. What would you do to double your revenue in 3 months?”.

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Being as an Hostel Manager is clearly an analogy of being a Product Manager of the free-to-play games Aria games is offering. The focus here is not on numbers or statistics (but it’s the focus of the next question), but more on what kind of strategy you would use to increase the revenue of the hostel. There are probably a lot of good answers, and without detailing what I exactly said, I focused on that 3 main ways supposed to help you increase your revenue: Increase the number of customers, increase the average size of the sale per customer and increase the number of times your customers return and buy again. Less

Shenanigans Sports Bar & Grill

Previous experience, work ethics, can you work alone unsupervised, how many time in a year is it okay to call into work sick. Hobbies

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Explained my experience with electronics and games. Told them in a hard work driven by results. Told them few examples of working alone unsupervised. Two to three times tops a year for calling in. Hobbies is what it is. COD Less


Probability question - 4 randomly sampled people are born in 4 different seasons of the year, what are the chances?

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This question came out of left field for as there was nothing listed in the job description about probability and statistics. Do not mislead applicants. Interview questions should come from the scope of qualifications and responsibilities in the job description. There were zero data questions asked about data i.e. querying, wrangling, enriching, governing and visualization. There were no questions asked about analytics, insights and metrics which was the content of the posted job description. Felt a bit like a bait and trap situation, not an honest spec for a role. Less

Game Director was asked...September 30, 2022

What's most important to you in a studio as a game director?

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I said a diverse leadership team who puts their employees needs first and feels work life balance is important. Less

Correlation One

Which game out of a list would be the most difficult to develop an AI for and why.

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Easy one. Doesn't even matter what the list is. It's connect 4.

Big Fish Games

What is cloud?

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There wasn't a difficult question at all in all. The interviewer had never done a job with "cloud" (and according to her Linked In, this is true), and asked what it was. Less


all questions are easy

Aeria Games

Imagine we want to launch a rocket to the moon. Make us the plan, how much time it takes and how much it costs?


How would you change 4X to not be so reliant on troop costs?

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