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Cash Saver
Assistant Front End Manager was asked...November 12, 2019

Can you work weekends and nights

2 Answers



Costco Wholesale

What were some of the focuses on the Front End?

2 Answers

Eblocks, Stamps, movie tickets, various gift cards, CMN in May, iTunes

Eblocks, Refer a friend, New member sign-ups, Tripe plays, New Visa sign-ups, and or Living Social. Less

Value Village

Would I be able to work the hours that they would schedule me.

1 Answers

Yes, I am familar with retail and understand the commitment to the hours required for the position. Less


What did you do better than your coworkers in your pervious job?

1 Answers

I was positive and energetic and I had the best attitude as well as the most attention to detail. Less

The Fresh Market

Why you want to work here

1 Answers

Because i want to start my career

The Fresh Market

tell me about your duties as asst.front end manager in the firsh interview. Second interview, "let's talk about money because this is usually a determining point- what kind of hourly wage are you expecting?"

1 Answers

i explained how i was involed with training, scheduling, interviewing and developing the front end along with other responsiblities. Second interview, I expressed the hourly wage I was hoping for, and was told it wasn't close to the starting hourly salary. "Not even close" I was never told the starting salary and I had to respectfully decline the position. I thought Fresh Market was bringing a "higher caliber store" which would attract a "higher caliber customer" but unfortunately they follow the "we pay what the market allows" which is very disappointing. Alot of companies want to have a great culture but don't want to "care" about employees. I am here to tell you. Companies that care for their employees FIRST are the companies that have loyal employees and the business does well. Very disappointed with Fresh Market. Strongly considering NOT shopping there. Sad sad sad Less

Rite Aid

Why do you want to work here?

1 Answers

I'm a people person.

Restaurant Depot

Why would I leave a secure job for one that was not secure?

1 Answers

I did not feel that the company that I was working for was secure because I had been laid off from them before and I was stepping out on faith. Less

They just asked me about my nationality and then dropped the call

1 Answers

I just said my nationality.

The Sultan Center

Tell about your self?

1 Answers

work experience?

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