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The technical questions were the most intense and on the spot type, for example, "What are HTTP methods? List all that you know, and briefly explain them".

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Although i answered what an HTTP method is, and named the most commonly used, i choked a bit in explaining them. I remember saying that HTTP methods are a set of protocols for enabling communication between the client and server .., and then i listed 7 commonly used ones.

Have u ever developed project in Wordpress? (Tried to explain couple of simple website and customization work done but it was difficult for interviewer to understand)

How do you center align content in DIV? (Seriously)

Tell me about the two best project you have worked on? (Should have audacity to listen first rather than trying to prove the solution implemented was not better)

State vs props, what is a reducer and basic react and redux question. How to reverse a string or array.

They asked me about my professional history and what I intend to do in the future.

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What is the difference between "state" and "props" in React? Describe.

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