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It was a comment about my age, she was basically telling me that I was too old.

3 Answers

I was really shocked that she applied that I was too old.

This is not uncommon. Situations like this happen all the time. I believe they are collected your info or hired someone else. They were positive and professional with you but they did not offer you an interview. Good luck on the next one.

Thank you for your comment. I'm sorry you did not have a positive experience. Unfortunately this role has been very delayed due to summer vacations within the employer. It is still very active hence it is advertised at the time of this writing. Please know that we would never meet a candidate to collect info only. We meet candidates to assess their fit and skill set against the requirement of the job. We cannot control who the employer chooses to meet but I can assure you that if we said you were a good fit your resume would have been presented. Please feel to call myself or the recruiter you met with at any time to discuss further. Mark Venters

What I could do efficiently?

2 Answers

When was a time you showed initiative

1 Answer

They didn't ask me any questions as this was a work placement opportunity

1 Answer

Favourite color

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What level of computer skills?

1 Answer

Do you own your car?

1 Answer

How would you deal with pressure if the phone was ringing, a client came in and a payment needed to be taken.

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What was my experience as a Receptionist?

1 Answer

Are you born in Canada? Did you do your schooling here?

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