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1.Give me an example as to when you've broken an SOP, but believed to be justified? 2.Why do you want to be a Flight Attendant?

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1. Given that SOP's are usually in place for safety of the aircraft and passingers, and in general for our own safety, I cant say that i've ever broken an SOP. Not that i can remember. 2. I wanna be a flight attendant simply because i love flying. Da Vinci said "Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return." and I might not be able to move mountains, or enforce world peace, but boy can I make someone's day. I can smile at someone and melt their heart, I can hold a child's hand and make them feel safe. I can take a kid from a frantic mother and give her 10 minute of peace. I can say "what can i do for you today" and make someone feel appreciated and cared for. All small things, but its amazing what people remember. I genuially enjoy taking care of others

What if my superior told me to do something that I knew was not according to safety regulations?

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What would your closest friend say about you if he/she were to describe you?

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First was a phone interview, in which they asked basic questions as to why you want to work for air Canada, tell them about a hard experience at your current or past job with a customer or co-worker, if you are willing to relocate, can speak any languages, very quick and easy.

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Dans cinq ans, où vous voyez-vous?

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What is the most important rule/policy in a company and why?

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The group interview was the hardest. You have to talk over everyone to be heard and there were like 4 people awkwardly observing you.

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They asked what I would do if asked a question I could not answer on a plane.

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Why should we hire you out of all the candidates?

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Tell me why you are a good choice for the position above everyone else, in 30 seconds. Make yourself stand out.

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