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Why is a manhole cover round?

4 Answers

It's a Microsoft interview question to get you to think.

Hi, is there any technical question? Thanks

Depends on who interviews you. They might write some C code up on a whiteboard and you get to tell them what it does and or what is wrong with it. 2nd Interview is usually to see if you will make a good fit within the environment/culture of the team(s). As long as you can show that you can think or have a basic understanding, all is good.

Is there a way to find out the size of an allocated portion of memory?

1 Answer

A long binary bit string is stored in a char array (size 128), write a function, given the char array and a number N, return a char array that has the original binary bits shifted by N bits.

1 Answer

They talked about my resume and my future plans and then the had a question sheet of C programming questions.

1 Answer

Write a C program to reverse the bit order of an integer.

Was given a test with programming problems, ex what is wrong with this piece of code, or what will the program output.

Tell me time you had this situation? What would you do in that situation? Tell me a time you have to face with tough customer

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