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Firefighter was asked...October 22, 2015

Can you work under extremely stressful and life threatening situations

2 Answers


Yes, I'm well trained and condfident in my ability to do what is necessary no matter how much pressure I'm under Less


que vc tem pra oferecer a nossa empresa

2 Answers

meu conhecimentos na área que melhor desempenho bombeiro civil

Experiência Profissionalismo Pontualidade


They asked about the different types of sprinkler systems

2 Answers

Just know your fire prevention and protection systems.

Wet system Dry system Alternate system

Firefighter was asked...January 12, 2018

Tell us about yourself

1 Answers

I explained my experience relative to the position that I was applying for

Cherokee Brick & Tile

Do I have any kids

1 Answers

No I don't

do you have AEMT

1 Answers

i told them no, but i will gladly get it if needed

Houston Fire Department - Texas

Previous drug use

1 Answers

As long as you are honest they could care less.

If you disagree with a call your supervisor makes while on the job, what would you do?

1 Answers

It comes down to good communication, read the situation if it's appropriate to voice a concern, then communicate this with inclusive language. If it's not appropriate in the situation (time is of the essence) then it is my job to follow through with my superior's command, however, keep a mental note of your concern so that you can discuss it with your superior at a later appropriate time, perhaps something can be learned from this situation. Less

Firefighter was asked...January 18, 2018

where do you see yourself

1 Answers

at the top

Firefighter was asked...December 2, 2015

If you were crawling through a burning house, and you came upon a burnt corps, how do you think you would react? Could you do your job?

1 Answers

I've never been in that situation before, so I don't know how I would react. As far as doing my job goes, I really wouldn't have a choice. Less

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