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Teak Isle Manufacturing
Directeur Post-production De Film was asked...February 20, 2016

Q: What hobbies do you have? (trying to see if you are mechanically able)

1 Answers

Opened ended. Make sure you make yourself handy to the owners.

Walt Disney Company

What are you looking to accomplish in your career here at Disney?

1 Answers

To find a challenge worthy of my many years in the industry so I can continue to improve, innovate and hone my craft, talents and skills. Less

Yash Raj Films

How much money can you help us make from our next project?

1 Answers

It's upto the script n star cast that can give us any idea. For which genure u r making movie for. I can b fast in wt I can I do. So that production doesn't loose there precious time Less

Yanfeng Automotive Interiors

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

1 Answers

I see myself working in a product development lab in the automotive industry.

E Ink

An example of a work challenge and how handled it.

GDU Multiserviços

Q: What skills do you have in order to work here?

DreamWorks Animation

*Senior Staffs Interview: Q: Why do you want to leave your job? Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Q: What is your level of expertise in Excel? Are you familiar with pivot tables and vlookups? Q: Is revenue naturally a credit or debit? Q: Is expense naturally a credit or debit? Q: If someone gave you cash and revenue hasn't been booked yet, how would you draft the journal entry? What account do you credit and what account do you debit? *Managers Interview: Q: Tell me about yourself. Q: Tell me about this company. What do you know? Q: Why do you want to leave your job? Q: Tell me some of the DreamWorks TV Shows you know of, which ones do you watch? Q: Did you watch the recent DreamWorks film? (Watch it. Then say yes) Q: If given 2 equally important tasks by 2 of your superiors with the same deadline, and you only had time to tackle one. How would you determine which one to do first? *Director Interview: Q: Why do you want to leave your job? Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Q: What do you know about this company? Q: What have the others [interviewers] told you about this company? Q: What did you like about them [interviewers]? Q: Did they [interviewers] pop quiz you? Q: How many accounting classes did you take back in college? (I hadn't been in college for 7 years, so this question took me off guard. Know your resume!) Q: If you had to do a procedure and you thought it was “stupid,” would you still do it? How would you handle that situation, how would you let me know? + Questions about resume, wanted a detailed example of an accomplishment listed under resume.

Condé Nast

Describe your typical workday at your current position

What is you image? How do I sell you as a director?

Montana Steele Strategic Marketing

Is this the kind of opportunity that you'd be interested in?

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